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The 99th St Ribbons of History project

Graduate Researcher Aiden In helped the Strathcona Community League in Edmonton, Alberta to focus on their history and their art, while encouraging walking, thanks to GRAND. The 99th St Ribbons of History project lined ten blocks of 99th Street with sculptures on decorative poles. Aiden In helped connect the art to the community’s history through QR codes attached to bark-like panels at the pedestrian’s level. The QR codes help the community to work towards its goal of connecting both sides of this divisive and controversial street. Aiden In is a first year MA student in Humanities Computing. For more information see:

The project connects both sides of 99th street with history, art, the neighborhood’s history (both natural and social), and encouragement to engage. Passersby are invited to enjoy the locally made art art and to walk along 99th Street, access our community league’s mobile pages through the QR codes, or to later read about the history on the League’s website.

Some pictures from the event include:

The Opening Ceremony

A QR code for artwork

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