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FREE Dorkbot YEG Event on Friday, Jan 23rd at 5pm!!


FREE Dorkbot Event on Friday, November 21st at 5pm!!


FREE dorkbot event – Fri, Oct 17th, 2014 @ 5pm


Next Dorkbot – Sunday Feb 12th @ 7pm

The next Edmonton Dorkbot takes place this Sunday, February 12th at 7:00pm in the Ortona Room at the Armoury – 9722 102 St. NW

The featured speakers/presentations will be by Brandon Boyd, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Ken Gregory.

Dorkbot – Live Coding, Oct 23/11

This past Sunday, the fourth meeting of Dorkbot Edmonton convened at the ENTS (Edmonton New Technology Society) hacker space.  The subject for the meeting was the concept of “live coding” in live audio/video performance.

University of Alberta Professor Scott Smallwood presented an overview of the practice, screened a short film by Louis McCallum and Davy Smith called Show Us Your Screens, and demonstrated live coding audio performance using the programming language ChucK.

This was followed by a demo/performance by Colin Labadie using the patching language Max/MSP, followed by a demo/performance by Dan Brophy of live circuit construction.

all videos by Vadim Bulitko

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