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fAR-Lay YouTube channel Up

The University of Alberta has created a Youtube channel with introductory videos about fAR-Play at .

The current videos up are:


David Holmes from GRAND ran a workshop on how to author locative games with fAR-Play today. This is the first of a series of teach-ins that are being put together by the Interactivesgroup. Try out the Comic Arts Capture Challenge by Emiliest (the comic below is one of the challenges.)

fAR-Play Update

David Holmes has been working hard all summer updating the authoring environment of fAR-Play, the geo-locative scavenger hunt game and authoring tool developed at the University of Alberta.

You can check out the changes and sign-up to create your own game here:

We will be updating the documentation very soon and welcome any feedback you might have on this project. Please leave comments on this post. Thanks!

Campus Mysteries, the HuCo Design Challenge and fAR-Play

U of A’s in-progress ARG game engine, fAR-Play (and/or versions of it) were used over the summer in Campus Mysteries, and this past September in the Humanities Computing Intensity Challenenge.
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