The goal of the AXCase is to add a modular, extensible case to Arduinome hardware. Building the Arduinome internals is well documented and here are some links to build your own. Keep in mind that these guides and the AXCase is meant for Sparkfun’s button pads only. There are other ways to build an arduinome; this is only one of many ways. Hopefully, we can include different button-pad sizes for different arduinome button pads/pcbs.

If you are new and you want a current discussion of all the different ways to build an arduinome, start at the Arduinome forum.

FlipMu Has a detailed instructions, parts and the code/firmware for the device. You can find all their info here:

Alternately you can use the links below to jump to specific sections of the Flip Mu site:

Curious Inventor has a good guide as well. It’s got some really great photos to guide one through the process.


There are two things in particular that would have been great for us to know about/use

  1. Rainbow ribbon cable is really helpful when soldering the connections between an unsped break-out connector and the sparkfun boards.
  2. This image in particular was really, really helpful for building our Arduiunomes.